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Will I ever be free of this toxic relationship?

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✔️ Instant access to ALL interview masterclasses

✔️ Monthly interview with special guest/expert speaker

✔️ Monthly Q&A with guest speakers

✔️ Monthly coaching calls

✔️ Monthly artwork for your phone with an inspiring affirmation

✔️ All the support you need to create a life you love

✔️ An amazing community of women who are at all different stages of their divorce and healing

✔️ BONUS: Pop-up trainings with more guest speakers on specific post-divorce topics (including coparenting, dealing with a narcissistic personality or working on a blended family)

✔️ BONUS: Quarterly implementation workshops! Each quarter, you'll dig in really deep with me learning one foundational component of designing a life you truly love. You don't want to miss these - there are four in the year.

✔️ BONUS: Free gifts and prizes! Yay! Who doesn't love free gifts? I'm always looking for ways to give you the best experience I can! I'll be dropping hints throughout so you see what's coming.  

What People Are Saying:

“"You have been so helpful. I feel some hope for happiness again. At least I know where the work needs to start. Thank you. See you inside.”

JENNIFER M., California

“Thank you so much, Tanya!!!!!! I am listening to your interviews and they are a real lifeline. You have found some amazing women. Thank God I found you!!!! I need strength, I am kicking fear in the guts. What a journey this is. You are such a gift, and thank you so much for being you. Big massive hugs and much love back at you girl. ❤️❤️❤️”

ELIN P., United Kingdom

“I love your posts, videos and interviews. It helps so much to know someone else completely understands what we are going through because if you haven't dealt with narcissistic abuse, it really is hard to believe the way these people act. Unfortunately we are bonded by this awfulness but meeting a beautiful soul like you on this journey is a gift I will always be grateful for. 💕✨xo”

ALISE G., Long Island, NY