Get Rid of Toxic Relationships Once and For All

While I was married, I lived out west and I was surrounded by women who weren’t happy in their marriages. I was one of them and we bonded on how little our spouses showed up for us, we queried about who might be cheating, we laughed at how much more capable we were, and we cried on each other’s shoulders when times got tough and we were desperately unhappy. Things felt harder for me, in my family situation because of a lot of other reasons than just being unhappy, and because of that, I vowed that I would put an end to the misery I was putting myself through, but I had two small children and I imagined that if he wasn’t showing up for me at all as a partner, he would probably be 100 times worse if I were to leave him. I had to bide my time. When I moved back out east, I knew that the time was imminent…it wasn’t going to be long until we were separated and I had to face the world with two little kids who were looking to me to continue to be their...
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