Your First Heart Break Post Divorce is AWFUL

Ahhhhhh okay…so we’re going to go here. I don’t talk about this ever. But I guess it’s time to go here with you because I want to be completely transparent and honest. And you should know that the desire to fall in love right out of the gates after a toxic relationship is real. And you almost can’t control yourself: you just want to be loved and admired and you want to feel something, don’t you? For me, it was an Italian man who lived 50% of the time in Sicily and 50% of the time in Toronto. He was so poetic and handsome and real and the way he described the world and his country and what he wanted for his life... gosh, I fell so hard that I visited him in Sicily and spent time with his mama making pasta from scratch and drinking homemade wine, and eating seafood from the ocean that was just down the street, and talking and laughing for hours using google translate. I mean, seriously... I was loving it, and they all...
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