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When I finally decided that I was going to stop living inside other people’s ideas of how I should be living my life, raising my children, and pursuing my goals, I became free. It was a freedom that I had never experienced before. You see, my entire life, I had hid every single little detail about who I was and where I had come from, except with those who I trusted enough to divulge the dirty details. And even then, you could know me for years on top of years before I would tell you that I was born into foster care and that I was a homeless street kid from when I was 12 until somewhere inside my 18th year. I made sure that to look at me, you would NEVER guess those things about me. I wanted a fresh slate. I wanted people to give ME a chance for who I was, but what ended up happening is I started to attract other people who kept secrets and who weren’t emotionally free, and who would do whatever it took to keep those secrets. That is not what I wanted, not at...

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