This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 012 - Letting Go of What's Not Working


Good morning and happy Monday! Welcome to another episode of the This is What it Takes Podcast. Today we’re talking about Letting go of what’s not working.

Let’s just start with the fact that it does not matter where you come from or what you’ve been through in your life if you want to have something bigger and better. The only way it does actually matter is if you reconcile with the facts: this happened to me, it’s okay, and I’m learning from it so I can use it to help others. 

Getting through the hardest things

I don’t say that lightly - I know some of you have gone through so many hard things in your life. I know what it means to be passed around from person to person in foster care. I know what it means to be molested as a child, to be beaten and left behind by family members who were supposed to protect and love me, to be turned out and rejected by adults when I needed a place to sleep as a child, letting me go off...

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This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 008 - Kim Trathen - How to Get More Clients NOW $

How lucky am I that I got to interview this incredible woman who has a great story and who has really fought tooth and nail for the level of income she's earning today.

A little about Kim:

Kim Trathen is an international business and marketing coach who helps female entrepreneurs learn how to get more clients online! She launched her own business while working in corporate and raising her 3 crazy boys with her amazing husband and their 2 huskies. Kim understands what it's like to work around the clock on a business that isn't making money or feel like with every business "win" there is an equal setback in life. But, she persevered and learned exactly how to grow a successful business. Kim is passionate about teaching other women how to scale their businesses and hit their goals!

What got her here

Have you ever worked in corporate and then decided that you just couldn't take it anymore (holds hand up) so you had to leave? So many of us have been there: working a job in the...

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This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 005 - Burning the boats: a path to confidence and getting what you want

Welcome back to the What it Takes Podcast and happy Monday. It’s the beginning of the week and I am thrilled to be back here with you on this beautiful day. I’ve always negated the idea of a plan B. I don’t like the idea of a cop out or an easier way lurking behind some corner, pretending to be a life raft, but really is a way of saying “it’s okay if my dream doesn’t work out, I’ll always have this other thing.” Having a back up plan just gives you a reason to say that if it doesn’t work out, it’s because you never really wanted it anyway. And I really should have prefaced that with the fact that our dreams change often, and something you wanted 15 years ago doesn’t have to be something you really want now or you can’t change your dream at the drop of a hat, if that’s what you want to do. But pick something and see it through. 

Pick one thing and see it through

One of my favourite people, Jill...

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This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 001 - It's Yours For The Taking.

Good morning sisters. Welcome to the What it Takes Podcast and I am your host Tanya-Marie Dube.

Let's start with taking a deep breath. Now, there is something I want to share with you. How many times have you decided that you weren’t good enough or strong enough or intelligent enough to pursue something that you want? How many times have you cloaked what you truly want in something so that it’s kind-of what you want but not really but it sort of feels like something close to what you want? Or how about this: I’ll just do what I’m doing for now and when I make more money, I’ll do something else? When I’m happier, I’ll pivot. When I hit a certain age, then I’ll do this big thing that will change my life forever.

Why do we do this?

I’ve been sitting with myself for a long time on this subject. You see when I was in foster care, I was deeply connected to Catholicism. I went to a Catholic school and I was baptized and I was the lead...

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