When will I know I'm ready to fall in love again?

When will I know I'm ready to fall in love again? Such a good question. Also another question is: when is it time to fall in love again? I get asked these questions a lot. My answer is always the same: it depends on where you’re at in your personal development and if you’re ready to show up on the same level that you expect a partner to. Soooooo often we forget that if we’re asking for a partner who is good at listening, is generous, loving, self less, kind, mindful, aware, takes good care of themselves, works hard..we forget that we need to be all the things that we are asking for. What makes you think that you’re ready and able to handle a relationship on that level UNLESS you are there, yourself? Because trust me when I say that I always asked for all these things, but then I would get them, and I would think “oooh…this guy thinks a lot about himself.” What I thought I saw was ego, but what I was really seeing was confidence. Because I...
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