This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 011 - Katie Phillips - What Is The Making Of You?

If you're feeling stuck in your business or you've come to a plateau with your goals or your dreams, you're going to want to listen to this.

Today I'm bringing you Katie Phillips, my seasoned-entrepreneur Aussie-born pal who lives in England with her husband and child. She came into my life a few years ago as I was just trying to figure out my own life, going through a divorce, as a newly single mother. I had an idea to do a summit. I didn't have a business yet, but I wanted to throw something together for women going through divorce because where were our people? I called Katie in to my world and we have been friends ever since. 

What I love about Katie

Katie is such a natural empath, healer, and teacher. She loves what she does, and she's always looking for ways to be there for women in such creative ways. She went through some awful times in her life, which, in my opinion, makes a woman so strong and such a great person to teach about recovering from adversity, really getting in deep with yourself and learning how to be the real you. That's what she's all about.

Death and rebirth

We found each other on the common ground of separation. She has a child with her previous partner, and our discussions in the past have always been around how to recover from toxic relationships and how to raise children while you're doing the deep healing work yourself. I learned a lot from her.  "It was the making of me," she said when I asked her how she looks back on that time in her life. We both agree that not getting what you thought you wanted is usually the biggest blessing of all time. She's married now, to the love of her life. It's a beautiful story.

We also both had mothers who had mental health issues; she survived her mother's suicide, and I survived my mother's death in a different way, breast cancer. Suicide, you would think, would be the hardest thing for a child to recover from at any age. She thought she was so unlucky and she had to work really really hard to become the woman she is today and she challenges all of her clients to do the ONE THING, and if you did this, it would change your life. She goes into so much detail about this - you're going to love it. 

Sharing the love

One thing is for sure and something I can always count on, is her deep love for the feminine energy. We meet on some common ground of loving work, but she invites me, constantly, and now you, to go beyond just work and to truly find the love in ourselves and the work and to approach it from a softer place. I listen to this advice, and I find that I trust myself more, I trust my choices and I'm so blessed to have this guidance in my life because it brings me peace. And isn't that what this is all about? 

A little about Katie

Katie Phillips founded The School of Self Love. She is an author, personal coach, transformational retreat leader and inspirational speaker. 

Katie is inspired by other truth seekers – the drive, dedication and vulnerability of her students lights her up and has her feel on purpose. As much as she is the head teacher at The School of Self Love, she is fully aware that she is learning and growing alongside her students and is a dedicated student of her acclaimed ‘Self-Love Affair Process’. 

Katie has dedicated her life to teaching what she had to learn. Her opportunity to teach, inspire and motivate others is her opportunity to grow and evolve even more. Katie is devoted to living consciously, connectedly and courageously and it is these three principles that have formalised her school curriculum. 

Katie is an intrepid traveller, devoted mum and wife, and lover of wine, the beach and yoga! 



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