This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 008 - Kim Trathen - How to Get More Clients NOW $

How lucky am I that I got to interview this incredible woman who has a great story and who has really fought tooth and nail for the level of income she's earning today.

A little about Kim:

Kim Trathen is an international business and marketing coach who helps female entrepreneurs learn how to get more clients online! She launched her own business while working in corporate and raising her 3 crazy boys with her amazing husband and their 2 huskies. Kim understands what it's like to work around the clock on a business that isn't making money or feel like with every business "win" there is an equal setback in life. But, she persevered and learned exactly how to grow a successful business. Kim is passionate about teaching other women how to scale their businesses and hit their goals!

What got her here

Have you ever worked in corporate and then decided that you just couldn't take it anymore (holds hand up) so you had to leave? So many of us have been there: working a job in the corporate world and just didn't know how in the world we were ever going to get off that runway and start doing something way more meaningful with our lives. But how?

Best piece of advice you ever got

Ooooh this is a fun topic. Kim gives us loads of things to think about here from how to get real focus and perspective, to the kind of dollars you want to be bringing in monthly.

A quick tip about keeping our calendars packed with clients

A higher ticket program vs. hourly. Enough said. She literally goes into so many awesome details here that you just won't forget. You'll see how you need to start setting up your weeks and how to organize your time and start making more money, faster. 

Toughest lesson learned and the mindset that goes along with it

This one is a doozy. When you hear what Kim went through as she was trying to get her business up and running, you'll see that you can push through whatever you're going through right now to get your business where you need it to be. She is a fighter and she pulled through some really tough stuff. She was done playing small and she was determined to do what she had to do to get this business up and running. Her mindset talk is incredible and she'll tell you exactly what you need to do to get yourself up, running and motivated to do your best. 

Enjoy this episode of This is What it Takes podcast and head over to the private FB group (link below) to leave a comment about how you're going to use Kim's tips!



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