This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 006 - How To Do Affiliate Marketing and Make Real $$

Good morning and welcome back to This is What it Takes podcast. I'm thrilled that you're here again this week!

I don't know about you, but earning passive income as a side hustle or full time job while someone else does all the work doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, to be clear, is when you promote the work of an expert in their field, preferably someone you believe in, and make a commission for being a sales person for their company, as a consultant. You earn a commission of between 10-50% for pushing their product and the more people you can get it in front of, the better for you, and them. Some people only do affiliate marketing, so you'll see them bounce between different businesses selling their products and services. It's a real way of life and can make you A LOT of money. It's amazing.

This is the number one thing that Jill and Josh Stanton from Screw the Nine-to-Five wish they would have just done from the beginning of their careers.

The thing is, they started doing this years ago, then pivoted, did a few other things in their businesses, only to find themselves coming back to affiliate marketing once again. They promote work they love for people they know are helping to change the world in their respective ways (something I truly admire), driving traffic to their products and services by creating kick-ass bootcamps giving tonnes of value to their audience. And it works like gold: they pull in six figures every time they run a bootcamp.

Pick one thing and stay the course and you'll get there.

Jill tells us, from experience, what it means to pick one thing and stay the course until you become a master and and expert and that's when the tide starts to turn. I love that so much because it's so easy to think we should switch course when it doesn't appear to be moving forward. We think that maybe we're not doing the right thing, or maybe there's a better way to use our skills. Sometimes that's true, but sometimes you're just three feet from gold and you need to keep going around that corner, getting better and better at what you do, providing loads of really great content, and establishing yourself as the go-to person for that one thing. 

What are they working on now?

Jill gives us confidence as she teaches us about tweaking and trying new things to move the needle, how to shift our mindset so that we make tonnes of room to overcome fear and just do the thing, and lastly, she talks about the next big thing they're working on that you don't want to miss out (for all you folks with a dream and are curious about how to turn your hobbies or your passions into a way to make some extra cash, click the link below). Yes, yes, yes!


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