This is What it Takes Podcast | Eps. 007 - Q's Your Prospects Need You to Answer Now

Good morning and welcome back to the This is What it Takes Podcast on this beautiful Monday morning. I’m so happy to be here with you again today.

How many of us have cause and effect belief systems, the “if I do this, then it will mean that” kind of thing? I would have to say all of us. I’ve seen it in my relationships, I’ve seen it in my kids and I’ve seen it in myself. As entrepreneurs, we are taught to really study this behaviour because it is so meaningful in our sales. I see it in myself when I’m shopping: I buy because I want to get something emotionally. So what will this mean to me and how will it improve my life or my business, etc.? So I started to do some research: what are the other really important questions that people are asking in order to buy anything? Knowing these questions will help your outcome as you are selling your product and service, so you can answer them as you go.

Does this person have my best interests in mind?

The first question for me is: Does this person selling to me have my best interests in mind? If someone is just selling something to me without actually caring about me or what I need, that’s a huge problem for me. And the same goes for walking into a store and nobody asks you a thing. 

Are you really going to spend your money there? I’ve been in stores where I walk in needing to buy a higher ticket price item and nobody asked me anything - not “how are you” “can I help you”? Or even “I see you’re holding one boot and looking around for help to find the right size, can I do that for you?” Seriously. 

When I was first getting started with my online business, I met a coach who sold me into her program making me believe she was the one teaching only to find out she hired a bunch of coaches, all with no consistent training, to tell me 7 different ways to do the same thing and wouldn’t give me back my money until I put up a massive fight. Do these people really have your best interests in mind? Nope. They don’t. They have their best interests in mind. I won’t give anyone my money who doesn’t actually care about my needs as the customer. And neither should you. 

No matter what happens if you don’t make your prospective client believe you have their best interests in mind, you won’t make the sale, or you will make the sale and they’ll change their minds two minutes later. We have to have that kind of integrity in this business - no faking it. Really create great work that will help to solve problems.

What will this product mean for my life or for my business?

The second question they have is what will this product mean for me or for my business - is it going to do what I hope it will? There’s a feeling that needs to be met, a positive or negative feeling which is pain or pleasure. Which one is being met with your product or service? Is it promising to remove the pain they no longer want or give them the pleasure they desire? You have to get to them to see this in your sales talk and not in a manipulative way - it’s not manipulative to help someone get to the root of their problem and then find out what it means to them to solve the problem. That’s just called being good at what you do. 

Is it worth it to me?

I find that the next question is “is it worth it to me”? What will I have to give up? How much money does it cost? How much effort will it take? Money, time and inconvenience. 

The way that I talk about this in my sales conversations (what I call building rapport) is to find out what it is that is working for them and then I find out what they think could improve. And then I get them to tell me how it will affect their lives if they didn’t act on the things that need to be improved - what would it cost them. 

I’ve learned from some amazing sales people in my life that you never ever ever ever slag another sales person or anyone who has come before you. No matter what they’ve done, that’s not your business. Your business in the moment is to find out what the issues are and then it’s your job to solve them. It’s your job to paint that picture, I call it future pacing, so that they can see what is at stake for them if they don’t get their needs met. But it has to come from them. That’s been my experience. Ask the questions and then shut up and let them do the talking. 

Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves talk before our thoughts make sense. But you have to get them to that place of certainty with their pain and pleasure points. Again, none of it is being shady in any way and if you find you’re not the person for the job, refer them to someone who is. There’s truly enough business to go around so don’t worry about that. 

But finding out what they need and then showing them the better way is the way the best salesperson gets the client. And then focusing on them the way they need you to. 

Remember: the client needs to feel certain that you want to truly help them. It’s all in the questions you ask: Will your company continue to grow at the pace you want if you don’t solve that problem now? Will your life change if you stay stuck? What’s at stake if you don’t do this? What has not doing it in the past cost you? 

How will this impact the other people around me?

Quite often we start to think of this next question: how will this impact the other people around me? I find that a lot of people are super concerned with how a purchase will look to their spouse, their family members and their friends. 

So you need to solve this problem for them - make it easy. I always ask “if you take this step, what’s at stake for your family members?” and I wait to listen to their answer, and then another question I ask is “how will this impact your family in a positive way if you do this and knock it out of the park?” 

These are the things that your potential client is thinking, so why not meet their objections straight on? “How am I going to get my partner on board with this purchase for my business?” is a big deal. 

I always want my clients to have the language that can help their partners see the bigger picture, so why not ask them to come up with their answers? It’s powerful to empower someone to step into their leadership. If it truly means a lot to them to grow, scale, or to start something powerful, they need to know how to say it. So make it easy on them.

Do I really need this product/service now? 

I want you to consider this next question they’re asking while you’re talking so get them to see it: Do I really need this product/service now? 

Logical/Emotional Reasons to buy.

It’s your job to make sure that they understand why they got on the phone with you or met you in person. It’s your job to get them to see their emotional reason to buy, their why. It’s your job to get them to then see their logical reason to buy: they need logic to justify it and I feel like if you can get them to their emotional reason to buy, then the logical reason will just be the tipping point. 

If you can get them to see the big giant pain picture and how you can take away that pain and give them the pleasure they desire, then that’s all they need. Then they just need the logical reason: what they will accomplish with your product/service. We are in an industry to change people’s lives and it’s your job to consider all of these things when you’re on any call. 

I remember learning way back in the day that I had to believe that what I could do was going to change your life and if you didn’t hire me, then I don’t know what the heck you’re going to find out there, but I can promise that my goal is to make a difference and it’s my job to be an expert in this space so that I can have the biggest impact. This has to be your thinking. 

It’s your job to make sure that your client hires you, so make sure you are making them feel certain that you actually care and if you can’t do it for them, then you will send them to someone you know who will take care of them. 

You're not there to sell, you're there to build rapport.

Make sure they know that you’re not there to sell them something - you’re there to build rapport and solve their problem. You have to get them to believe that you’re the answer to their issue - make sure that you have got them to see the pain of not having the thing you know will solve their immediate problem. 

They have to believe in you that you will do what you say you will do. You have to believe in yourself and what you’re offering so much that they believe they can’t live without you.  

The absolute best sales jobs that knock my socks off are the ones who find out what I need and then give it to me. They know their stuff, they know why they’re there, they know why I’m there. They aren’t selling to me - they’re building rapport and getting me to say what I want and then giving me the options to solve those problems. But in any sales talk, you should never be the one doing most of the talking. If you can get your client to talk and feel comfortable with you, then you’re talking like friends and it’s no longer a sales talk, the objections won’t be there or they’ll be minimal. 

Always look for the NO's.

I remember early on in my sales career, I was taught when cold calling and cold door-knocking that it was my job to look for the no’s. It was also my job to know what I was selling and what my client’s pain points were early on in the conversation so that I could solve them on the spot. So looking for the no means you’re in the field, and you’re on your feet and you have to come up with answers just like that. It’s exciting and enthralling and if you don’t act like it’s life and death in your head, then you’re thinking of it as practice and we’re eager to get the practice right? You’re employing all the skills I mentioned above, but you’re in it and you’re listening, which is a true art. 

Again, it’s all in the questions you ask. Alright folks, I hope you loved this episode of This is What it Takes all about the questions that your prospects need you to answer in your sales calls!

Thank you!

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