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...an online show host, speaker, producer, author, and unwavering optimist OBSESSED with helping women entrepreneurs learn how to build powerful relationships with their online audiences. Are you ready?


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I know you want to have MASSIVE impact on the world and there is nothing more powerful than the relationships you will build with the people around you. When we're in business, we want to be able to get into the minds and hearts of our clients and students so that they become raving fans!

Tanya-Marie teaches women entrepreneurs with heart-centered businesses how to have powerful relationships with their clients and students. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from but if you can't connect with your audience, you won't get very far.

Using a variety of techniques, strategies and skills she's learned over the past 28 years, Tanya-Marie has created an online global mastermind, a membership site, and is the host of a popular online show interviewing business experts from around the world helping women understand and use the power of relationship building, sales and marketing so that they can have massive impact on the world. 

After working with Tanya-Marie, you'll be ready to take control of your business like never before, you'll be able to market to your clients with ease, and you'll learn how magical the art of sales is when you use her Storytelling-to-Sales format.

Clients buy from you when they feel understood by you. When you have a roadmap to really figure out exactly how to do that, you become unstoppable. 


"I originally heard of Tanya-Marie from a friend in a remote Australian Aboriginal community and I've paid that recommendation forward and will continue to do so because support from Tanya is invaluable. I've had sessions with Tanya from three different countries and counting, she truly is worldwide and connects with others easily. The minute you open your world to letting Tanya in she is dedicated to you and your needs. "

Eva, R.

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