Hi, I'm Tanya-Marie, entrepreneur, author, and unwavering optimist dedicated to helping divorced women redefine their soul's journey and transform their lives in 5 strategic steps.


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Divorce is messy.

Gosh, it feels like it's never going to end doesn't it? It's one ride we all want to get off. I have created this much needed client-tested plan of action to keep you from losing your damn mind during divorce. 


When I left my toxic 18 year marriage three years ago, I couldn't believe how piece-meal the recovery information was for women going through their divorce as newly single moms. It was scattered. Women are too often left by the wayside, and it's time we take control over our destiny and not be made into a statistic.

Tanya-Marie teaches divorced women to redefine their soul's journey and transform their lives in 5 strategic steps. Using a variety of techniques and skills she's learned over the past 27 years, she has created a course, a membership site, and is the host of a popular podcast and video interview online show for women to learn how to trust themselves again after narcissistic relationships, love and believe in themselves, how to stop people-pleasing and how to guide their children through divorce.

After working with Tanya-Marie, you'll be ready to take complete control of your life, you'll be able to sleep well & focus, and you'll start to create the future you truly should be living. 

You can reach amazing levels of success when you know how to control your focus, your language and you have a roadmap so that you can fulfill you're soul's true purpose.


"I originally heard of Thriving After Divorce from a friend in a remote Australian Aboriginal community and I've paid that recommendation forward and will continue to do so because support from Tanya is invaluable. I've had sessions with Tanya from three different countries and counting, she truly is worldwide and connects with others easily. The minute you open your world to letting Tanya in she is dedicated to you and your needs. "

Eva, R.

Thriving After Divorce Radio Podcast

With insights from experts all over the world, the Thriving After Divorce Radio podcast will give you instant strategies and tools you can start using today. This up and coming podcast is earning its place as the go-to podcast to motivate and inspire women to live their best lives after divorce.


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